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Best Vitamin Infused Coffee Pods Review
VitaCup: Vitamin Infused Coffee & Tea Pods

Coffee Pod: French Roast

Best Vitamin Infused Coffee Pods Reviews Vitacup French Roast Coffee pods

French Roast VitaCups - Vitamin-infused coffee! single serving coffee pods pack a bold flavor and an extra boost of vitamin fueled energy. This  dark roast is a best seller!

The slow French Roast brings out the oils and retains a robust, smoky, bittersweet flavor that is imparted during the coffee roasting; a flavor somewhat reminiscent of the rich espresso bean.  Now that's a strong cup of coffee!

Coffee Pod: French Vanilla

Vitacup Coffee Pod: French Vanilla

Vanilla, vivacity and vitamins!

French Vanilla VitaCups - Vitamin-infused coffee! single serve coffee pods strike a tasty balance between sweet vanilla and a deep, dark roast. These are complex and charming flavors that give you élan.  VitaCup slowly roasts 100% Arabica Gourmet coffee beans and adds French Vanilla PLUS our signature vitamin blend. The full French Roast aroma and smooth French Vanilla flavors feel luxurious but there are zero calories in your VitaCup.

Tea Pod: Green Tea

Best Vitamin Infused Coffee Pods Reviews Vitacup Tea Pod: Green Tea

Green Tea VitaCups - Vitamin-infused tea! This is a very special Green tea with a deliciously smooth flavor!  These are single serve tea pods. The product Includes Matcha, Moringa and vitamins to add a little magic to your morning.  Each recyclable pod, packed with select green tea, is a gift from nature to your cup.


VitaCup is altering the method Americans consume their early morning coffee. VitaCup supplies both coffee as well as tea vessels instilled with vital vitamins for improving your metabolic rate, power as well as resistance. The days of needing to bear in mind to take day-to-day vitamins more than; it's done in your coffee!

VitaCup was produced by Chief Executive Officer Brandon Fishman, that, after years of persistent tiredness as well as disease, gained from his nutritional expert that he was vitamin-deficient. After investigating exactly how typical his shortage was, Brandon joined Jeff, a Fourth generation coffee maker, and also VitaCup was birthed.

What we like about VitaCup is that it is gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free as well as vegan. The vitamins the sheathings consist of consist of B1 (power), B5 (cardio health and wellness), B6 (mind feature), B9 (healthy and balanced cell manufacturing), B12 (state of mind booster) and also D3 (enhances bones), along with much required anti-oxidants to maintain your body at its optimal. Every taste is likewise calorie, sugar, as well as carbohydrate complimentary, making them wonderful for practically any kind of design of diet plan.

Their coffee laboratory has actually examined the uniformity as well as high quality of the item to make sure that the vitamins inside preserve their stamina throughout the common developing procedure. The vitamin web content is gauged after the coffee goes with the common single-serve coffee skin developing system prep work and also home heating.

Vitacup is not only healthy, but it tastes good. Try it out for yourself today!

Vitacup is the first company in the world to make a vitamin infused coffee in a coffee pod form. VitaCup takes pride in the quality flavor of the coffee and never sacrifices taste. The vitamin infused coffee pod compatible coffee is sealed to preserve freshness and make sure that the dark, French Roast flavor and aroma stand up over time.

VitaCup's healthy coffee with vitamins and antioxidants is a flavorful alternative to your daily energy drink. Zero calories and full flavor, it's coffee that leaves you satisfied, not compromised. They're so confident you'll love it that they have a money back guarantee.

VitaCup is the perfect way to start to your day. Thier essential vitamin blend, which includes: B1, B5, B6, B9, B12, D3, and antioxidants, helps to boost your energy level, increase your metabolism, and enhance your mood.

At VitaCup, they know that to coffee lovers, flavor is most important. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice flavor to be healthy! The specialists have created awesome flavors including French Roast, Gourmet Breakfast Blend, French Vanilla, Gourmet House Blend, Gourmet Decaf, and Green Tea.

The coffee pods are Keurig® compatible. 

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